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Universal 2 contemporary Italian kitchen can be found in our furniture store’s collection, located in Boston, MA. It is an outstanding kitchen from Italy, the kitchen manufacturer designed it under the influence of minimalism atmosphere, nothing is redundant here, all its sections have a look of single monolithic base

Italian kitchens - Universal 2 Kitchen by SCIC

Built-in mechanisms, provided by this unique kitchen design, allow the doors to open softly and silently. From the first sight, you will be surprised, whether it is a real Italian kitchen, or not. However, this contemporary kitchen cabinet fulfils all functions, peculiar to a traditional kitchen from Italy and cooking process will be a real pleasure for you with this beautiful unit. Moreover, you will prepare your meals faster, than usual and, thanks to large storage spaces, you can keep all necessary products for a long period of time, it means no need to visit shops too often.
The kitchen cabinet has fixed dimensions and several base units, it is equipped with hob, sink, drawer and storage area, the cover creates an impression of monolithic block. This kitchen will perfectly match any dining room and no matter it is very large or rather small; it can be equipped with any kind of over you like, including microwave ovens.


We have been building our idea of a kitchen for over 40 years. Our staff of skilled and fully trained technicians and ореrators works in an indoor area occupying 70000 m2 to create the kitchen of your dreams, available in over thirty models of contemporary design and ten classic models, in a range of over 200 colours and thousands of variants. Within the context of its Total Quality policy, SCIC S.p.A. has been awarded numerous important acknowledgements and was among the first companies to be certified with international standards In 1998. The Quality System implemented in all the phases of organisation, production and service has been recognized as compliant to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and  more...

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