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Le Macine is a classic European kitchen, which is available in our furniture store’s collection, located in Boston, MA. The kitchen manufacturer offers a variety of combinations, developed from two essential concepts, both of which can be integrated with another one: a kitchen from Europe complete or an ensemble of elements, manufactured using the latest innovative technologies as well as modern materials.

European kitchens - Le Macine Kitchen by SCIC

This kitchen cabinet has refined classic kitchen design and a variety of functional aspects.
Classic was renewed, according to the latest manufacturing and style solutions, this kitchen cabinet was created to meet the new classic desire. The kitchen from Europe is made of wood; it has warm colors and is designated to satisfy the new demand for classic. It combines modern functionality and old traditions; each element was designed and manufactured with the best care, to ensure outstanding functionality.
In Europe, there exists a strong cooperation between kitchen manufacturers and designers, that’s why furniture industry in Europe is one of the largest in the world; it is valued for its functionality, outstanding quality and style all over the globe.
Europe is the centre of world fashion, its culture places an outstanding quality on beauty, European kitchen cabinets are not just very beautiful, but also useful.


We have been building our idea of a kitchen for over 40 years. Our staff of skilled and fully trained technicians and ореrators works in an indoor area occupying 70000 m2 to create the kitchen of your dreams, available in over thirty models of contemporary design and ten classic models, in a range of over 200 colours and thousands of variants. Within the context of its Total Quality policy, SCIC S.p.A. has been awarded numerous important acknowledgements and was among the first companies to be certified with international standards In 1998. The Quality System implemented in all the phases of organisation, production and service has been recognized as compliant to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and  more...

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