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Rossana RB, has always been one of the undiscussable protagonists of the Italian life of design, being always a projectile, technological and qualitative point of reference. These characteristics are developed without compromises and are the fruit of the experience and the constant research of a big industrial group which knew how to penetrate the market at various levels and which, from the sixties, made of the kitchen its vocation.
The collaboration with designers of internalonat reputation has given birth to products a contemporary design, elegant, sophisticated and strongly innovative but never excessives or even slightly provocative. Rigour and innovation, research and technological evolution, functionality and design, are since always the characteristic of Rossana's proiects and evolution its products. A path which is our way of being, our philosophy, our force.
Rossana, in the respect of its tradition, considers the kitchen as the continuation of the "living" space of the house, a place of a sober and sophisticated elegance, thought for cooking but also a meeting space opened to socialisation.
Rossana's research is keen to conceive strongly innovative products in which the emphasis of the technological and iperfunctional contents, proper to the professional kitchens, is always softened in favour of an eased, sophisticated and feminine aesthetic, in a perfect balance between aesthetics and feature, between design and technologv but never in detriment of the absolute quality.

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