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  • Seta Lacca - contemporary European kitchen
Seta Lacca is a contemporary European kitchen that can be found in our furniture store’s collection located in Boston, MA, Happy and satisfied customer is always the best investment for GeD kitchen manufacturer; its solutions are always elegant, offering fresh colors and cherry tones.

Seta Lacca Kitchen by GeD
  All kitchens from Europe offer intelligent and innovative solutions, having all contemporary functions and a lot of free space, your meals will be prepared much faster, than before, everything is made to make your life easier.
  Glossy and embossed lacquered finishes complete the offering making Seta an extremely elegant kitchen. Seta Lacca is the perfect synthesis of functionality, ergonomics and elegance. It offers swinging wall units with glass shelves; large baskets; new depth to the tops fit with useful spaces so that all the ingredients and accessories you need are right there at your fingertips. Marketing researches show, what kitchen cabinets will be more popular this season; the kitchen design is made according to growing demand for contemporary and sophisticated look, it will perfectly match the style of your house. Please enjoy the outstanding quality of kitchens from Europe, that is well known all over the world, it is very important, that the manufacturing process is safe for environment, please call us to learn more about the best kitchen cabinets in your area.

GeD began life in 1970 in Biancade, Italy, traditionally a furniture-producing area.
It has great experience in the manufacture and design of classical and contemporary kitchens. GeD has skillfully conquered a kitchen market share and today it is present throughout Italy, in Northeastern Europe and throughout the Mediterranean offering high-quality and beauty kitchen models.

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