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Flair is a contemporary European kitchen, available in our furniture store’s collection, located in Boston, MA, GeD kitchen manufacturer provides comfort and order for all of your family, the living space will be organized rationally; this kitchen from Europe has an ascetic style, please try to find a redundant detail, we are sure, that you will not be able to do it.

Flair Kitchen by GeD
Style and elegance, as well as a variety of important tools make this kitchen from Europe one of our favourite among other kitchen cabinets of our showrooms. This kitchen cabinet contains wood and a lot of contemporary materials, such as steel and plastics, the composition looks accurate and elegant in finishing.

Door: smooth, post-shaped on the sides

Materials: Laminated with thick colored edge

Colorsi: rovere choice of 6 colors

Flair kitchen design is perfect for cooking professionals. On the other hand, comfortable tools will allow you to prepare delicious meals faster and easier even for non-professionals; the kitchen creates a comfortable atmosphere, it will be very easy for you to cook there. The price is reasonable, we are sure that your new dining room will be the favourite one for all of your family to share serenity and happiness.

GeD began life in 1970 in Biancade, Italy, traditionally a furniture-producing area.
It has great experience in the manufacture and design of classical and contemporary kitchens. GeD has skillfully conquered a kitchen market share and today it is present throughout Italy, in Northeastern Europe and throughout the Mediterranean offering high-quality and beauty kitchen models.

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