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  • Asia is a traditional Italian kitchen
Asia is a traditional Italian kitchen, available in our furniture store’s collection, located in Boston, MA. GeD trade mark is completely different from other kitchen manufacturers due to its unique and beautiful kitchen design.

Asia Kitchen by GeD
Classic forms as well as all modern functions of a contemporary kitchen ensure success in the international market. This kitchen from Italy contains a variety of modular components that are available in glass, steel and aluminum; you can compose it according to your personal taste and dining room planning. The perfect quality of Italian kitchens is well known all over the US, be sure, that we offer only the best. BTW, discount prices will make Asia kitchen cabinets even more popular.

Door: frame with panel

Materials: solid wood and veneered panel

Wood: Cherry stain

You can adjust almost everything in this kitchen cabinet: free space, burners, containers according to your taste, please place any section to any corner of your dining room, this freedom will make the cooking process much easier, than before. If you are not a professional cook or you simply do not like the process, please take a look at this kitchen from Italy, we are sure, that it will help to change your opinion.

GeD began life in 1970 in Biancade, Italy, traditionally a furniture-producing area.
It has great experience in the manufacture and design of classical and contemporary kitchens. GeD has skillfully conquered a kitchen market share and today it is present throughout Italy, in Northeastern Europe and throughout the Mediterranean offering high-quality and beauty kitchen models.

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