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Fiamberti produce with success both classical and modern kitchens from 1974. Our job involves a constant research of new technologies and materials, it is intended towards the personal need of everyone and is carried out with a great passion. That’s why we are proud to produce high quality kitchens every day, with a design characterized by the ergonomics of curved lines, projected in a clever manner to resist to the wear and tear of time. That’s why we are proud to have grown up with the times, with a constant production that can cover both Italian and foreign market in a satisfying way, thanks to a careful and reliable customer service, always able to respect the orders times and to face all the customers needs.

Important and accurate in every detail calls back the atmosphere of the kitchens of old times, but reveals in its big interior capacity and in the functionality of accessories a kitchen with high technological performances. To create a comfortable and rich in suggestions habitat.  More...
Beatrice Kitchen by Fiamberti
Beatrice kitchen
Elegant and modern, with a sinuous design and important materials. An accurate project, where the beauty of the shape doesn’t renounce functionality of the elements, which are studied to solve all the space problems.  More...
Butterfly Kitchen by Fiamberti
Butterfly kitchen
A functional and well balanced project, characterized by the warm harmony or wood. The space, in Carnaby, extends and becomes functional, to better contain the utensils of the house and to satisfy the need of the ones who love to feel at ease in the kitchen.  More...
Carnaby Kitchen by Fiamberti
Carnaby kitchen
The warmth of welcome, in a kitchen that brings back to life the tradition of old times. Charlotte has an important structure refined with niches and open shelves and lightened by the decorated glass doors.  More...
Charlotte Kitchen by Fiamberti
Charlotte kitchen
A solid and strong kitchen, where the materials of tradition meet technology, with results that satisfies aesthetical and functional exigency. For the ones who love professional kitchens without renouncing to the beauty and the essence of wood.  More...
Country Kitchen by Fiamberti
Country kitchen
The natural essence of wood harmonically combines with the hi-teak finishing of the stainless steel and with the lightness of the glass, in a kitchen that has reliable services and a timeless design, beyond the trends. .  More...
Dream Kitchen by Fiamberti
Dream kitchen
The found again harmony of moments to be lived in the family. In a comfortable and sunny place, where the kitchen, functional and well organized, becomes the favourite room of the house to share happiness and serenity.  More...
F10 Kitchen by Fiamberti
F10 kitchen
The kitchen becomes big to welcome in comfort. Cupboards and pantries get back the old stile, renewing itself with functional drawers and accessories, with wide and handy worktops.  More...
F20 Kitchen by Fiamberti
F20 kitchen
Elegance of accurate finishing and of precious materials in a contest that perfectly organizes the space, to guarantee order and comfort, an important kitchen, for an interior that brings emotions. .  More...
Gallery Kitchen by Fiamberti
Gallery kitchen
The research of something precious, of an additional timeless. To be surrounded of beautiful things and to be sure to have chosen a strong and reliable kitchen both in materials and performances.  More...
Piccadilly Kitchen by Fiamberti
Piccadilly kitchen
Prestige designs new domestic interiors with smooth lines, precious materials and elegant design which becomes gentle. Prestige, in fact, is dedicated to whom loves to live the kitchen, thanks to the high technological performances, enclosed in high modularity and aesthetical versatility.  More...
Prestige Kitchen by Fiamberti
Prestige kitchen
The design trend without sharp edges characterizes the Fiamberti style; it makes movement free optimizing the space in respects safety of ergonomics and of the high aesthetical value. So it is Rolly which, thanks to the wide choice of materials for the worktops and to the wide choice of the material for the doors, complies with everyone’s taste: classical, creative and of trend.  More...
Rolly Kitchen by Fiamberti
Rolly kitchen
Thanks to high modularity of the elements, to practicality of the accessories and to the brilliance of colours, it interprets the every day life. It is Shaker, a young amusing kitchen, with solid contents.  More...
Shaker Kitchen by Fiamberti
Shaker kitchen
Jolly and functional: a versatile project studied in the respect of comfort and functional use. With roomy elements to keep everything in order, wide worktops and professional accessories for the ones who really love to cook.  More...
Speedy Kitchen by Fiamberti
Speedy kitchen
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