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Extremely versatile thanks to the interchangeabihty of elements and finishes, LH 1 allow you to create an endless variety of arrangements, ranging from simple and linear solutions to more complex ones, to satisfy a public that wants a kitchen capable of communicating sturdy and practical aesthetics.

LH 1 Kitchen by Elmar


Experience and intuition generate creativity.
Sensitivity and capacity of observation define requirements.
The encounter of creativity with requirements generates innovation, the guide for our choices and the basis of our fame.
An innovation that consolidates its certainty by means of tests and checks that ensure constant quality over time and international recognition of our products.
Notwithstanding the purity of its design, technology and reliability, the most important part of our job remains unvaried: YOU.
You and your natural need to live space as a unique experience be renovated every day with an Elmar kitchen.

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