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Innovation and design have always been the characteristic of Dada, a company in the Moltem & C. group that manufactures furnishing systems for the modern kitchens. Original industrial design provides a high esthetical and functional content.

  Banco - Italian kitchen
Functionality and simplicity are the two main principles of the Italian kitchen Banco, made by Dada company, its stile is very light and you may think that it is too simple, but, at the same time, every piece of environment here has its own functions, using both established and revolutionary technologies in creating this Italian kitchens, we deliver an exceptional combination of simplicity and functionality. .  More...
Banco Kitchen by Dada
Banco kitchen
  Nomis - innovative European kitchen
Nomis is an innovative European kitchen, it is designed by the Italian company Dada, which offers a lot of fresh and interesting ideas for its customers, with the help of different simple elements, the environment of the kitchen is separated into several functional parts. .  More...
Nomis Kitchen by Dada
Nomis kitchen
  Nuvola - comfortable European kitchen
The furniture of a very stylish and comfortable European kitchen Nuvola can be described as a combination of very light, simply and luxury elements, Modular compositions of this kitchen from Europe are designed to be placed on the wall, in some addition to the style here are island configurations with a slanting base. .  More...
Nuvola Kitchen by Dada
Nuvola kitchen
Essential volumes, fine finishes and carefully studied construction details define a rational, comfortable and refined kitchen. A domestic space created with matching modular elements: wall and island work bench, wall units with slide and lift opening, suspended tech-bar and a ceiling hood.  More...
Quadrante Kitchen by Dada
Quadrante kitchen
  Tempera Shape - European kitchen
Once more the Italian company Dada shows us that it is possible to place the kitchen at the center of house environment, the European kitchen Tempera Shape is an obvious evidence of this fact, The European kitchen’s special feature is the combination of the simplicity in design and functionality. .  More...
Tempera Shape Kitchen by Dada
Tempera Shape kitchen
Essential form, a solid structure and functional to use, this kitchen is constructed with original storage units with doors and drawers in HPL, with rounded vertical edges and horizontal trims in aluminium. Completing the whole is a range of wall units with differentiated opening and an operational block in stainless steel that combines sink, hob, double oven and projecting suction hood.  More...
Tempera-ht Kitchen by Dada
Tempera-ht kitchen
  Vela - Italian kitchen
A linear composition with a peninsula base featuring simple construction solutions, carefully selected materials, original combinations and fine finishes. Worktop in slate with hob and sink incorporated, suspended ceiling hood in stainless steel, squared doors and wall units with slide and lift doors in matt lacquer, tray shelves in wengn wood equipped with hooks.  More...
Vela Kitchen by Dada
Vela kitchen
  Vela Aluminium
A composition with a central operational block and wall larder unit. The work island is fitted with maxi-drawers, open units and a ceiling suction hood.  More...
Vela Aluminium Kitchen by Dada
Vela Aluminium kitchen
  Vela Doghe
A modern linear island and combined functional group solutions offer a personal interpretation of the kitchen space with modular components featuring an exclusive slat finish and aluminium trims. Wall compositions with a cooking block in stainless steel, equipped with a lower top with hob, maxi-drawers and double suction hood; storage units with work top and integrated stainless steel sink; open wall units and shelves in aluminium and glass; column larder units with incorporated appliances.  More...
Vela Doghe Kitchen by Dada
Vela Doghe kitchen
  Vela Quadra
A refined and elegant proposal carefully studied in every detail and with a refined combination of materials and finishes redefines the traditional wooden kitchen, interpreting it with strict simplicity and contemporary taste. A flexible system of modular components that can construct personalised solutions with a linear, island and functional block development.  More...
Vela Quadra Kitchen by Dada
Vela Quadra kitchen
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