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Lorena is one of the best traditional European kitchens, available in our furniture store's collection, located in Boston, MA. Tradition and technology: this, in synthesis, is the duality of Lorena kitchen design.

European kitchens - Lorena Kitchen by LUBE

Materials and memories are interpreted and combined with the plus of strong technological innovation which is definitely aimed at greater functionality. Due to large storage spaces of kitchens from Europe, you will be able to keep products for a long period of time, it means no need to visit the supermarket very often, it will considerably economize your time. Dark colors, several base units and fixed dimensions of the kitchen cabinet provide the atmosphere of Middle Ages, you will have the impression, that this kitchen from Europe served your grandmother. However, it is not possible, because the kitchen manufacturer provides you with all functions of a contemporary kitchen, it will allow you to prepare the most delicious means much faster, than before. Built-in doors, indoor mechanisms allow the doors to be opened silently and softly. Be sure, that this kitchen will serve many generations of your family, LUBE provides a considerable warranty for all of its kitchens. Your guests will be happy to visit this beautiful place, no doubt that they will be impressed by this kitchen cabinet and its old, traditional atmosphere.


The company was established in 1967. After having expanded in 1974, the company became the "LUBE Cucine Componibili" and began to grow technologically, until it reached its present large dimensions. In 1993 a new company was formed - the LUBE.
Today the company is a modern factory, which covering an area of approximately 59000 m2, and is the work place of over 350 workers.
Supported by the strong kitchen manufacturing traditions and the introduction of newest technology, the company is the one of the largest kitchen manufacturers today. In the LUBE’s strategy for the future world markets hold first place. Therefore, the company will continue to respond to the mass markets, supplying kitchens which  more...

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