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Fanny European kitchen is available in our furniture store's collection, located in Boston, MA. In general, kitchen manufacturers from Europe are well known across USA, what about LUBE kitchen manufacturer, it stands apart from others due to its reach and outstanding kitchen design.

European kitchens - Fanny Kitchen by LUBE

To define Fanny as an executive kitchen would be an understatement: not only does Fanny have a striking technological personality, but it is also a real way of perceiving space through an essential and sophisticated Design. Parallel, horizontal slats are the distinguishing feature on the doors and in the aluminum finished cherry grained glass frames. The elegant modular components in all of the variations are available in steel, glass and aluminum, based on your personal taste, and are interchangeable.
This quality of kitchens from Europe is well known in the majority of American families, moreover, discount prices make Fanny kitchens cabinets even more popular. Everything in this kitchen cabinet can be adjusted according to your wishes, burners, free space, a variety of containers - please place it to any place, this freedom is made to make the cooking process easier, as before, even if you do not like cooking at all, you will change your opinion with this kitchen from Europe.


The company was established in 1967. After having expanded in 1974, the company became the "LUBE Cucine Componibili" and began to grow technologically, until it reached its present large dimensions. In 1993 a new company was formed - the LUBE.
Today the company is a modern factory, which covering an area of approximately 59000 m2, and is the work place of over 350 workers.
Supported by the strong kitchen manufacturing traditions and the introduction of newest technology, the company is the one of the largest kitchen manufacturers today. In the LUBE’s strategy for the future world markets hold first place. Therefore, the company will continue to respond to the mass markets, supplying kitchens which  more...

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