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Carmen is one of our best European kitchen, available in our furniture store's collection, located in Boston, MA. All kitchen cabinets, manufactured in LUBE plants, are known for their outstanding quality and professional kitchen design, that stands apart from others.

European kitchens - Carmen Kitchen by LUBE

These kitchen cabinets are made for everyone in your family, the pieces have comfortable burners, large washing area and storage units. The kitchen from Europe has everything for your comfort and pleasure, all your actions will be organized properly. An accurate design and elegant shapes for Carmen, the new classic proposed as a solution which balances technical innovation and continuity with the past. Constructed in solid acacia wood with details, likes the plate rack, that echo the past to create a charming ambience which recreates the warm atmosphere of traditional kitchens. This kitchen manufacturer provides the best place for cooking, please enjoy the most delicious meals among your friends and family. The kitchen from Europe is made from wood, that provides classic look and style. Soft colors and beautiful lines are very attractive and add charm to the dining place, it will become more precious over time and serve you and your family for many years, please call us and learn more.


The company was established in 1967. After having expanded in 1974, the company became the "LUBE Cucine Componibili" and began to grow technologically, until it reached its present large dimensions. In 1993 a new company was formed - the LUBE.
Today the company is a modern factory, which covering an area of approximately 59000 m2, and is the work place of over 350 workers.
Supported by the strong kitchen manufacturing traditions and the introduction of newest technology, the company is the one of the largest kitchen manufacturers today. In the LUBE’s strategy for the future world markets hold first place. Therefore, the company will continue to respond to the mass markets, supplying kitchens which  more...

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