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Kitchen system LT is produced by Boffi – the leader in European kitchen design. Boffi is recognized in manufacturing kitchens from Europe for its unique design, the best materials and high quality of production.

European kitchens - LT Kitchen by Boffi

The models of this renowned kitchen manufacturer are available in different styles and can be installed in any interior from contemporary to classic. LT presents various kitchen Cabinets of exquisite design; their simple lines emphasize the beauty of kitchen furniture as well as the high level of craftsmanship of this kitchen manufacturer. You can choose between modern lacquered doors and integrated handles, enclosed by an aluminum plate, light minimalist doors of aluminum, classical doors of wood with solid handles and frames integrated in the door. As everything in kitchens from Europe is directed to the utility and commodity the kitchen Cabinets can be equipped with a contemporary Storage technology, designed by Boffi, which is very convenient and provides you with enough storage space as well as allows good economy of space in your kitchen. The kitchen system can be equipped with a wide range of household appliances, all of modern technologies are available, and installed household systems will match the whole well-elaborated image of your modern kitchen system.


The head office is north of Milan, Italy covering an area of approximately 25000 square meters, and Boffi boasts a staff of 171 and is present with its own showroom in 40 countries around the world. With a turnover of over 45 million €, Boffi has achieved a estimable role in the international market. The name Boffi equals top-quality kitchens, high quality level of execution.
Our kitchen models aге created by world famous architect and based on a philosophy that distinguishes us from other kitchen brands. The principle is to harmonize functionality with an evolved modern design - each model is minimalist but essential in utility.

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