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The head office is north of Milan, Italy covering an area of approximately 25000 square meters, and Boffi boasts a staff of 171 and is present with its own showroom in 40 countries around the world. With a turnover of over 45 million €, Boffi has achieved a estimable role in the international market. The name Boffi equals top-quality kitchens, high quality level of execution.
Our kitchen models aге created by world famous architect and based on a philosophy that distinguishes us from other kitchen brands. The principle is to harmonize functionality with an evolved modern design - each model is minimalist but essential in utility.

  Case System 2.3
Case System 2. 3" is an outstanding product that was designed according to new, growing demand for sophisticated and contemporary look.  More...
Italian kitchens - Case System 2.3 Kitchen by Boffi
Case System 2.3 kitchen
  Case System 5.0
Case System 5. 0” continues the series of European kitchens created by world famous architect and based on a special philosophy.  More...
European kitchens - Case System 5.0 Kitchen by Boffi
Case System 5.0 kitchen
Factory has a new appealing design which is a perfect choice for those who look for quality and usability. This kitchen from Italy has all the features of modern kitchen cabinets: easy to work, easy to store, easy to clean.  More...
Italian kitchens - Factory Kitchen by Boffi
Factory kitchen
  Grand Chef
Kitchen system Grand Chef is presented by Boffi - one of the most efficient Italian kitchen manufacturers. Its kitchen cabinets are of high quality and its kitchen design has evolved so that kitchen furniture is a presentation of a work of art.  More...
Italian kitchens - Grand Chef Kitchen by Boffi
Grand Chef kitchen
Kitchen system LT is produced by Boffi – the leader in European kitchen design. Boffi is recognized in manufacturing kitchens from Europe for its unique design, the best materials and high quality of production.  More...
European kitchens - LT Kitchen by Boffi
LT kitchen
European kitchens present Single kitchen designed by Boffi one of the most remarkable European kitchen manufacturers. This model is ingenious in its simple kitchen design and utility as all the kitchens from Europe, it is available in various types of kitchen Cabinets.  More...
Single Kitchen by Boffi
Single kitchen
  Table System - unique vision of kitchen
Boffi is one of the brightest representatives of Italian kitchens design, it is well-known for its unique vision of kitchen space and for the originality of execution. This prominent kitchen manufacturer showed the craftsmanship in its model Table System.  More...
Table System Kitchen by Boffi
Table System kitchen
World Kitchen Six is the first unit from the famous Italian furniture manufacturer Boffi, planned for sale on international market. It is a modern kitchen from Italy equipped with the best kitchen functionalities to make food preparation process pleasure and enjoy.  More...
Italian kitchens - WK6 Kitchen by Boffi
WK6 kitchen
We are pleased to present you one of the masterpieces of Boffi's collection of European kitchens – Works model. This kitchen from Europe is the result of creativity of Italian designers merged with the best practices of comfort and functionality.  More...
European kitchens - Works Kitchen by Boffi
Works kitchen
Xila kitchen from famous Italian kitchen manufacturer Boffi is the classic kitchen from Italy for any demanding taste. It is an outstanding example from Boffi collection as it truly represents the classic ideas of kitchen design: the model itself produced in 1972.  More...
Italian kitchens - Xila Kitchen by Boffi
Xila kitchen
  Xila 2.3
Would you like to make your kitchen a unique and personalized space for implementing your ambitious cooking ideas? In such case Zila 2. 3 from Boffi is probably the best choice you can make out of a wide selection of European kitchens offered by this famous kitchen manufacturer.  More...
European kitchens - Xila 2.3 Kitchen by Boffi
Xila 2.3 kitchen
Zone is the modular kitchen system offered by a famous Italian kitchen manufacturer Boffi. Zone represents a modern design solution of kitchen furniture implementing minimalistic design ideas in this kitchen from Italy.  More...
Italian kitchens - Zone Kitchen by Boffi
Zone kitchen
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