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Kitchen system Grand Chef is presented by Boffi - one of the most efficient Italian kitchen manufacturers. Its kitchen cabinets are of high quality and its kitchen design has evolved so that kitchen furniture is a presentation of a work of art.

Italian kitchens - Grand Chef Kitchen by Boffi

This kitchen system is very essential; you have a wide range of options allowing you to choose the materials and colors of kitchen cabinets that will give life and great appearance to your kitchen. Grand Chef is one of the brightest examples of Italian kitchens; it is available in a variety of finishes (lacquers, varnishes, stainless steel, wood and laminate) which means you can choose even the style of your Italian kitchen. As all the other kitchens from Italy this model illustrates a very important principle meaning that appearance is just as important as functionality. The stainless steel design Boffi, 110mm worktop can be used with a lot of differently designed sinks and hob units. By taking advantage of the numerous options and amenities available today in kitchens from Italy you can give your kitchen vibrancy and life.


The head office is north of Milan, Italy covering an area of approximately 25000 square meters, and Boffi boasts a staff of 171 and is present with its own showroom in 40 countries around the world. With a turnover of over 45 million €, Boffi has achieved a estimable role in the international market. The name Boffi equals top-quality kitchens, high quality level of execution.
Our kitchen models aге created by world famous architect and based on a philosophy that distinguishes us from other kitchen brands. The principle is to harmonize functionality with an evolved modern design - each model is minimalist but essential in utility.

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