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Case System 5.0” continues the series of European kitchens created by world famous architect and based on a special philosophy. Exceptional functionality surrounds you in this kitchen cabinet.

European kitchens - Case System 5.0 Kitchen by Boffi

Due to technological innovations it allows to facilitate different tasks and save more free space. This principle meets the requirements of a modern business man. Designed in a city style the kitchen cabinet looks presentable and original.
The kitchen from Europe constitutes firm units of square and rectangle shapes. The base units are constructed with handles recessed into the door and pull-out doors. The tall units of this model are equipped with electrical appliances from Electrolux and exclusive for Boffi. The cooker hood hanged over on thin but resistant construction seems to be absolutely weightless. The minimal kitchen design gives great opportunities to extend the working space. Shimmering surfaces enlarge the room and make it clear. Considered number of different sections provides functional storage. “Case System 5.0” combined high-quality and modern design which together create comfort and pleasure.
Contemporary style, ample surfaces from strong materials and relaxing colors are attributes of the new kitchen from Europe of this kitchen manufacturer. It breaks stereotypes and traditions and creates images of tomorrow.


The head office is north of Milan, Italy covering an area of approximately 25000 square meters, and Boffi boasts a staff of 171 and is present with its own showroom in 40 countries around the world. With a turnover of over 45 million €, Boffi has achieved a estimable role in the international market. The name Boffi equals top-quality kitchens, high quality level of execution.
Our kitchen models aге created by world famous architect and based on a philosophy that distinguishes us from other kitchen brands. The principle is to harmonize functionality with an evolved modern design - each model is minimalist but essential in utility.

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