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Italian Kitchens are glad to represent Binova and its Prima model of kitchen design. Prima model uses the new outstanding ‘LAB’ (laboratory) that is rather common in Italian Kitchens.

Italian kitchens - Prima Kitchen by Binova

Prima item was created as a laboratory that has all necessary equipment and accessories for cooking. It also has very beautiful and elegant decorative elements that make this model of kitchens from Italy unique and exclusive one. Binova – famous Italian manufacturer and the creator of this model – always makes extraordinary kitchen designs that you will see nowhere else. Prima model will meet all your needs and satisfy even most sophisticated taste.
Some special sliding details in kitchen cabinets of Prima make a cooking process easier and more pleasant for you and your family. Many accessories such as polypropylene multi-purpose cutting boards, polyethylene breadboards, pastry boards, trays and drip trays are available and most of them are in steel. An open structure for the base units is made of extruded aluminum. Every detail is made in high quality and functionality.
Binova is your number one source of everything kitchen related. Making innovative designs is our main priority.
If you’ve become interested in this model, visit our catalog of kitchen designs from Italy, see what we can offer you and get more information.

Prima using the new “LAB” (Laboratory)
A truly professionally inspired laboratory with all the accessories and equipment useful for the preparation of food, as well as details of a refined decorative product which further enlarges the already vast offer of exclusive worktops on the part of Binova (M.F.T., H.W.R.S., CONTINUA and M.T.M.).
The useful sliding accessories designed for the groove of the steel work tops respond to special moments in the preparation of food. Polypropylene multi-purpose cutting boards, polyethylene bread boards, pastry boards, trays and drip trays in steel with polypropylene supports are available.The introduction of an open structure or container for the base units, carried out in extruded aluminium.


Since 1958 Binova has been making kitchens, exploring the potential of wood, keenly aware of the breakthroughs and opportunities afforded by progress, but also reverently respectful of timeless values like tradition and experience. Precise, punctual and quick when it comes to kitchen production, company guarantees comprehensive quality: a guiding principle and commitment that accompanies every kitchen from design innovation to daily use.
With a dynamic management which has not forgotten family traditions, this company in Umbria has 40000 m2 of indoor factory space with specialized personnel, modern machinery, computerization and quick services.

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