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European Kitchen wants to represent its kitchen manufacturer Binova and a Modus model of kitchen design. A style of this Modus model is a real tribute to interior European architecture.

European kitchens - Modus Kitchen by Binova

It does not just cover the space by arranging the furniture, but really changes it and makes creative elements.
Kitchens from Europe create new view of kitchen’s mean. Now a kitchen is connected to living room – in fact, it becomes a combination of both. Our designers worked with this model as with some architectural work and you can see the result – kitchen and its cabinets transform into graceful laboratory.
Binova designers – Nava and Casiraghi – got an inspiration for this model from the theatre. They created a system of columns that have all necessary components – kitchen cabinets, oven, dishwasher, and fridge and even open shelves – that may be very useful for ‘living’ area of the kitchen.
A hood in Modus model is not only a functional cooking additional feature but also a wonderful decoration for kitchen area. It is available in the island version and conceals white light by using acid-etched opaline screens.
Kitchen design of this item has been created in association with wealth – it has wood, stone and steel. Different surfaces are used for various materials and create technical details. On the whole Binova offers a high quality product that is really pleasant to have in your house.
You can look through our collection of kitchen designs from Europe in the catalog or call our consultants to learn more.

Style of MODUS seeks to build a true relationship with interior architecture. It transforms a space rather than merely camouflaging it, changing the very meaning of furnishings into “architectural elements or components”.
Modus re-formulates the relationship between the kitchen and living room, re-defining these areas as a “living kitchen”. The series re-works the typical meaning of the kitchen and living room as environments, transforming itself into architecture by becoming a representative symbol or an elegant and essential laboratory.
For Modus, Nava and Casiraghi were inspired by the theatrical world and stage, where characters alternate, appearing and then disappearing behind the curtains, but they also drew from the architecture of a story, as told by the set designers and the skills of the actors. The modular panels create a system of columns that include functional elements, such as the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator, as well as open shelves that can also be used for the living area.
The new hood for the MODUS line is no longer merely a functional cooking accessory but rather an illuminated, decorative element in the kitchen area. The hood is available in the island version and features acid-etched opaline screens that conceal a cool white light.
The materials used in the Modus system have been selected to maintain its relationship with the ideals of wealth: the essence and expressive nature of wood, stone and steel.The series favours the environment over technical details.There are different surfaces for different materials… finishes and treatments defined to enhance the essence of each one, while completely respecting industrial feasibility: the depth of the brushed pore wooden surfaces, the quality and endurance of the 18/10 stainless steel plating – highly sought-after and SOPHISTICATED DETAILS, FORMULATED TO CREATE A HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT.


Since 1958 Binova has been making kitchens, exploring the potential of wood, keenly aware of the breakthroughs and opportunities afforded by progress, but also reverently respectful of timeless values like tradition and experience. Precise, punctual and quick when it comes to kitchen production, company guarantees comprehensive quality: a guiding principle and commitment that accompanies every kitchen from design innovation to daily use.
With a dynamic management which has not forgotten family traditions, this company in Umbria has 40000 m2 of indoor factory space with specialized personnel, modern machinery, computerization and quick services.

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