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Since 1958 Binova has been making kitchens, exploring the potential of wood, keenly aware of the breakthroughs and opportunities afforded by progress, but also reverently respectful of timeless values like tradition and experience. Precise, punctual and quick when it comes to kitchen production, company guarantees comprehensive quality: a guiding principle and commitment that accompanies every kitchen from design innovation to daily use.
With a dynamic management which has not forgotten family traditions, this company in Umbria has 40000 m2 of indoor factory space with specialized personnel, modern machinery, computerization and quick services.

Continua is a solid kitchen and light at the same time. Large boiserie with airy thin shelves and hidden lights that emphasize the original design.  More...
Italian kitchens - Continua Kitchen by Binova
Continua Kitchen
Italian Kitchen in Boston offers you an Index model of kitchen design produced by Italian’s kitchen manufacturer Binova and designed by Paolo Nava and Fabio Casiraghi. Index model of kitchens from Italy was made after the detailed research of basic components of modular kitchen systems and reiterated and better organization of deliberated layout.  More...
Italian kitchens - Index Kitchen by Binova
Index Kitchen
European Kitchen wants to represent its kitchen manufacturer Binova and a Modus model of kitchen design. A style of this Modus model is a real tribute to interior European architecture.  More...
European kitchens - Modus Kitchen by Binova
Modus kitchen
Italian Kitchens are glad to represent Binova and its Prima model of kitchen design. Prima model uses the new outstanding ‘LAB’ (laboratory) that is rather common in Italian Kitchens.  More...
Italian kitchens - Prima Kitchen by Binova
Prima kitchen
European Kitchens offer you its best kitchen manufacturer Binova and the Regula model of kitchen created by Paolo Nava and Fabio Casiraghi. Regula has already made a breakthrough in kitchen design and nearly everyone identifies it as a new fashion in Europe Kitchens.  More...
European kitchens - Regula Kitchen by Binova
Regula kitchen
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