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Continua is a solid kitchen and light at the same time. Large boiserie with airy thin shelves and hidden lights that emphasize the original design. The wide groove, very useful for the opening of the doors, shows a sign of character that colours the choise of the different finishing. Materials and colours of the doors and tops satisfy new trends without "classical" finishes.

Italian kitchens - Continua Kitchen by Binova

Continua is a refined Italian kitchen made by the well-known and the most reliable kitchen manufacturer. With over 50 years of experience, Binova provides name-brand kitchen cabinets crafted by skilled experts using only the finest of materials.
Made to measure and fitted with elegant worktops, sinks and handles, the result is stunning. This classically styled piece of hard working conceals appliances tucked into beautiful workstations and provides the exceptional comfort and unbounded conveniences in daily use. Every kitchen cabinet is accompanied by outstanding quality and made with careful approach.
Stylish and regular features of every kitchen cabinet represent tradition and experience that is peculiar to kitchen from Italy. Luxurious cabinets with airy thin shelves and hidden lights emphasize the original kitchen design and can please even the most demanding requests. The materials and colors of the doors and tops satisfy new trends combined with the classical touch. The wide groove proves very useful for opening the doors, while the beautiful wooden surfaces give away genuine Italian origin.
A variety of exquisite warm colors, the smoothness of the worktops and the finesse of style makes this Italian kitchen truly unexcelled. This Italian masterpiece makes your dream kitchen a reality.
One of the most splendid kitchens from Italy, Continua is a set of heirloom quality pieces of furniture, a kitchen and light at the same time.


Since 1958 Binova has been making kitchens, exploring the potential of wood, keenly aware of the breakthroughs and opportunities afforded by progress, but also reverently respectful of timeless values like tradition and experience. Precise, punctual and quick when it comes to kitchen production, company guarantees comprehensive quality: a guiding principle and commitment that accompanies every kitchen from design innovation to daily use.
With a dynamic management which has not forgotten family traditions, this company in Umbria has 40000 m2 of indoor factory space with specialized personnel, modern machinery, computerization and quick services.

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