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Italian Kitchens and its kitchen manufacturer, Aster Cucine, wants to offer you Trendywood model of kitchen design. Italian Kitchens have the best quality and creativity, and the Trendywood model is a good example of it.

Italian kitchens - Trendywood Kitchen by Aster Cucine

This perfectly designed item will perfectly match your home, if you are interested in creative and innovative cooking. Only kitchen fans will appreciate it. Kitchen Cabinets are made with great love and accuracy. All of your family will love to spend more time together in the dining room. Trendywood model is designed for kitchen lovers by kitchen professionals, according to the finest creative kitchen manufacturing traditions.
Aster Cucine is one of the luxurious, elegant, reliable and unique Italian kitchen cabinet manufacturers. It offers outstanding quality and amazing design as it is a top priority for all Italian manufacturers.
Kitchens from Italy guarantee you long life of your kitchens. Kitchen Cabinets combine both beauty and innovation. Kitchens from Italy are your number one choice for everything kitchen related.
Visit our Italian Kitchens’ collection and learn more about this and other models. Our professional consultants will be glad to help and tell you more about available kitchen designs
Walnut-wood veneered door or oak-wood veneered in eight colors, 7/8”.

Aster Cucine

The company was established in 1983, and today Aster is a dynamic company, always ready to interpreter the new trends in the market in terms of product. Aster is one of the luxurious and unique italian kitchen cabinet manufactures. The company is deeply pervaded by a service oriented philosophy that has developed a comprehensive product-distribution system geared to meet fully the aesthetic requirements of each customer.
The kitchen is the heart of the home, the room where the family meet and share their experiences. Aster Cucine is the ideal for people looking for a unique design, where all details fits perfectly in the harmonic project of their kitchen, but at the same time they ask for quality. Aster  more...

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