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Essential design, perfect shapes and functionality: all of this is the best expression of your wishes, steel forms will form innovative design of this item.

Brilla Kitchen by Aster Cucine
If you are looking for innovative ideas for your kitchen, Aster Cucine can propose you a new model of their Italian kitchens, called Brilla. Brilla's kitchen design is an embodiment of latest modern trends, where functionality fuses with stylish design ideas. This kitchen from Italy makes an impression of a spaceship community room, where people gather together to discuss important things and to prepare unbelievable drinks and food, using up-to-date technologies and appliances. Perfect shapes and steel forms of this kitchen from Italy makes it an ideal choice for those people who are always following the latest ideas and setting their own trends. Aster Cucine, one of the best European kitchen manufactures, embedded into Brilla only up-to-dates ideas, joined with high level of comfort and functionality. Number of kitchen cabinets, developed for organization of your work at the kitchen in the best way, are designed to fit the whole innovative idea of the kitchen. Special lighting and mirror surface of the furniture materials makes it look sparkling and mysterious at the same time. This kitchen can play the role of both: a perfect blended part of the modern and stylish house, or an innovative "community room" of a classical type building.
Aster Cucine

The company was established in 1983, and today Aster is a dynamic company, always ready to interpreter the new trends in the market in terms of product. Aster is one of the luxurious and unique italian kitchen cabinet manufactures. The company is deeply pervaded by a service oriented philosophy that has developed a comprehensive product-distribution system geared to meet fully the aesthetic requirements of each customer.
The kitchen is the heart of the home, the room where the family meet and share their experiences. Aster Cucine is the ideal for people looking for a unique design, where all details fits perfectly in the harmonic project of their kitchen, but at the same time they ask for quality. Aster  more...

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