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Kitchen Cabinet Glossary

Bridge cabinet: This cabinet can be place on open space above a refrigerator or stove, not everyday used items can be stored there.

Cam and bolt: It is a structure, which is usually used to connect the bottom, sides and top of a cabinet. Bolt and cam construction can help you to create a very strong cabinet.

Clip-On Hinge Plates: This flexible joint detail allows the door to be closed and opened to inside of cabinet.

Crown Molding: This piece represents a decorative border that can be applied on top ofcabinets for stylish and completed look.

Custom cabinet: Such cabinets are made and designed exclusively for your kitchen, having a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. These cabinets represent the best of cost and kitchen quality, a lot of different wood species and designs are available, as well as a wide range of esthetic details and designs.

Decorative pull/handle: This unit, usually metal or plastic is used to open the cabinets easily and represents a piece of hardware, installed on a drawer front or a door.

Dowel: This little piece made of wood, is used to connect cabinets and is about 0.25 inch diameter.

Easy Reach cabinet: This corner unit can save your free space, providing a comfortable and easy access.

Edge banding: This piece can be applied to a door or to a sharp side of a board, to cover and seal the surface.

Epoxy Coated Drawer Runner: This device consisting of the parts on which something can slide along ensures durable and smooth operation.

Filler strip: The sizes of cabinets, as well as of all modular cabinets, can not correspond directly to room's dimensions. That's why you may need filler strips, i.e. strips of the same color as of the cabinet door to fill the spaces between the units. This feature allows you to have the design of a custom-made cabinet, maintaining favorable price of a standard.

Fixed and adjustable shelves: Adjustable shelves have some predrilled holes, made for maximum flexibility, but fixed shelves, cannot be moved at all and represent a structural element of the cabinet.

Fluted Rail: This piece of molding is ornamental, decorative and it is usually used to highlight some areas between cabinets.

Framed cabinet: It is a console box with face frame which would be a cabinet after the doors are secured to this frame. It looks like a flat, with empty picture frame attached to the front.

Frameless cabinet: This style means that the doors are attached directly to the sides of the cabinet box, having hidden hinges. This cabinetry style characterizes European-style kitchen furniture it leans to a favor of a more contemporary look.

Gables: If the side of the cabinet is not exposed, door is the only visible area of the cabinet. Otherwise, if the side is exposed, in this case the color of the carcass is visible and this can interfere with the rest of the cabinets. You would need replacement gables if this happens. Sides should be the same color, as the cabinet door, side of the cabinets and the front. Everything should match. Otherwise, you would need a different type of replacement gable for each type of exposed ends.

Glaze: In order to highlight wood doors, this secondary staining process is used.

Inset Doors/Drawers: : Drawer fronts and doors, which are recessed to fit even with the frame of cabined, when closed.

Installation Screw Kit: You need a few pieces of hardware to hang wall cabinets; these items are available in the installation screw kit. Usually every three wall cabinet's installation needs one kit. That's why, if you would like to construct a wall cabinet, please remember to add this kit to your order.

Light Rail: The bottom of wall cabinets is usually decorated with a piece of molding, to give a finished look or to hide under-cabinet lighting.

Low-pressure laminate: Laminate represents an image of a wood, placed on the floor or on the door. The laminates have the look of a beautiful wooden door, but cost less. The laminates are good for humidity; you don't have to worry about it peeling off away, because it is over melamine.

MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard - a type of engineered woods.

Melamine: Melamine is a chemically fused paper which is sealed and pressed onto engineered board.

Modular: Constructed with standardized units or dimensions allowing flexibility and variety in use.

Moldings: Pinched, rosette, rope, crown- aesthetic enough to dress it up. Puck lights are hidden by light rails (lighting under cabinets). When these moldings are applied, they turn an inexpensive kitchen into the kitchen with expensive appearance.

Mullion: Mullion separates 9 spaces in glass doors with pieces of wood. You would have to buy glass separately, because it doesn't come with it. The mullion is completely esthetical.

Overlay Doors/Drawers: Drawer fronts and doors fronts overlapping the face frame when closed, no matter fully or partially. These are the most common style in stock.

Particleboard: Engineered board made from wood.

Rosette: This decorative and small piece of molding is usually used to decorate your kitchen.

RWA (Ready to Assemble): These cabinets come in a variety of quality levels, it is an economical option to install your cabinets yourself.

Semicustom cabinet: Such cabinets are manufactured in common sizes, but include special adaptations, for example specially designed storage features and stained-glass inserts and extensions that fill small gaps in the layout. Semicustom and custom cabinets require payment up front and are made-to-order. However, semicustom cabinets allow to make your choice from the inventory of standard types and sizes (with widths in 3-inch increments), instead than have them made to your specifications.

Shelf Pins: Pieces of hardware that the shelf is placed on, usually plastic or metal.

Sink Tip Out Trays: There is a plastic tray with a false front on a base cabinet, in which the sink tray is put in, used to store small items as a sponge. The kit has a tray and hinges for installation.

Soffit Spacer: As a rule, this decorative piece of molding is applied to the top of wall cabinet commonly ensure door clearance.

Spreader: The rails used to screw countertops - hence not needed a 90 degree bracket (steel bent in 90 degree angel) to screw the countertop.

Stain: This finish can be applied to wood doors if you would like to add protection and color.

Stock: The cabinets, manufactured in standard shapes and sizes, are held in a retailer's or manufacturer's inventory until purchased. Choices are kept to a minimum to reduce warehousing space, one or two wood species, and a few common sizes and so on. This market segment was considerably decreased in recent years, because of improved affordability and a variety of options of semicustom cabinets.

Thermofoil: This vinyl material is sealed and pressed onto engineered board.

Toe Kick: The purpose of this molding is to cover beneath the cabinet open space for a finished look.

Veneer: A very thin piece of wood commonly laminated to a piece of engineered board.

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